Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Solar Wind Energy AKA Downdraft Towers

121203_wind-turbine-picture-300x200Solar power and wind power are well-established forms of renewable energy; but how about solar wind power? A new prototype in the United States has just been green-lit and might well provide an exciting new way to produce energy in the future. One of the main qualms around many forms of renewable energy is the possibility of downtime; wind power supply being effected by still days, solar power’s limited output on grey winter days and tidal power not being as effective on still seasons in open water. The idea of a Solar Wind Power solution could aim to give a more consistent level of energy supply, without compromising on carbonisation or energy output, and tackles the problem in a previously-unheard of way.

via Solar Wind Energy AKA Downdraft Towers.

Solar Wind Energy AKA Downdraft Towers

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