Thursday, 22 March 2012

First Utility Named UK's Cheapest Gas and Electricity Deal

The company provides Britain's overall cheapest gas and electricity through its iSave tariff*, with many Big Six suppliers' deals costing over £100 more.

First Utility is not just dedicated to providing the cheapest energy in the industry, however. CEO Ian McCaig stated: "First Utility has stood out as an innovator in today's UK energy marketplace from the start and there is a huge opportunity for it to shake up the energy supply marketplace here in the UK and make a real and positive difference for consumers, both in terms of their control over their energy use and in reducing their bills."

"The next year will see us introduce new and better platforms to improve customer experience and launch a range of new services. I am particularly excited about our work with US-based energy efficiency company Opower, which will give people access to unique tools and information which will empower them to make real changes to the way they use energy."

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