Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Community energy project has to hand back £60k after Feed-in Tariff cuts

A rural Herefordshire solar cooperative is one of just a handful across the UK that managed to successfully install a 49kwp solar PV system before the Government's snap Feed In Tariff review came into force.

Not only did the Leominster Community Solar Co-Operative (LCSC) reach its target of £150,000 and install its solar system on deadline, it managed to raise 40% more than their target amount, indicating the scale and support for community owned solar initiatives across the UK.

However, the Government's unlawful slashing of the feed in tariff subsidies available for domestic sized solar power projects has meant that the additional 40% of funding had to be returned to investors, rather than being invested in a second local scheme.

Says Eithne George of LCSC: "The success of the Leominster Community Solar project serves to illustrate how popular community solar initiatives like this are. It addresses issues around planning as well as providing the local community with a source of its own power.

“We hope the Government take note of the fact that other communities are being deprived of such schemes because of the unpredictability of the system, not because of lack of interest."

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