Monday, 16 January 2012

Feed-in Tariff stalemate is costing UK's #renewable industry £25k-a-day

With the future shape of the UK solar industry on the line and at least £500,000 of taxpayer's money in the balance, the Government faces an anxious few days as it awaits the outcome of yesterday's legal bid to the Court of Appeal.

Lawyers for the Department of Energy and Climate Change argued for the opportunity of a full appeal hearing in an attempt to overturn last month's High Court judgement that the proposed cuts to the Feed-in Tariff was unlawful.

According to industry analysis, the current stalemate is costing the UK renewable industry around £25,000-a-day in cancelled and deferred orders compounded by increasing sales costs, uncertain wage bills and the depreciation value of redundant stock.

A study of the latest installation figures for the first week of January reveal the devastating toll of draining consumer confusion and lack of confidence in the market.

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