Monday, 19 December 2011

Facebook joins camp Greenpeace

After close to two years of campaigning, Greenpeace has finally won Facebook over, meaning the two will collaborate to make Facebook’s data center activities greener with an emphasis on renewable energy.

Greenpeace’s website today said Facebook will help Greenpeace push for more investment into renewable energy while committing itself to the use of green power.

“From today, Facebook has a siting policy that states a preference for access to clean, renewable energy supply for its future data centers,” Greenpeace said on December 15.

“Coal power is still a feature of Facebook for now, but as they say in the IT sector – it’s been deprecated.”

The move follows Facebook’s announcement that it is building a data center in Lulea, Sweden, which will use free cooling and renewable energy.

Greenpeace called this a “big sign of progress” but warned the fight was not over. More than 700,000 campaigners had signed up online over the past 20 months to let Facebook know they preferred its data centers to be powered with renewable energy, and for this to be part of its permanent policy.

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