Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Save £1,000s On Business Energy With Heat Recovery

Heat recovery is one of the most efficient thermodynamic technologies that could help businesses save thousands of pounds each year on their energy bills. According to the Carbon Trust, each year millions of pounds leak out from UK businesses in the form of wasted heat, which was the main reason they published “Heat Recovery – A guide to key systems and applications”.

Their guide helps businesses identify whether there is the possibility of recovering heat from their electrical equipment and reusing it in other areas of their business. Thereby they could reduce their business energy consumption by as much as 30%, whilst lowering their carbon emissions.

Clearly heat recovery is one of the most promising business energy efficient options out there but due to high investment costs many companies have overlooked it. This is the reason why the Carbon Trust went into partnership with Siemens and created a £550 million fund to finance energy efficient equipment for businesses that are willing to invest in the technology.

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