Monday, 19 September 2011

Free Audit Now Available for Businesses to Stop Utility Mischarging, Announces Energy Specialist Simon Binks

Energy specialist Simon Binks today announces a revolutionary computer programme he has designed to help small businesses claim back money from powerful utility companies, uncovering a billing system which is ‘endemically flawed’.

The expert behind the project, energy specialist Simon Binks, spent a decade investigating the complex way utility companies charge customers and developed the software to indentify errors. He is now warning businesses to urgently audit their energy bills to ensure they are not being overcharged after his programme exposed hundreds of examples where businesses had been 'ripped off'. The software uses a complex mathematical algorithm to analyse energy bills and has already been successful in claiming back tens of thousands for commercial customers who were unaware they were paying too much for their energy. Others have been undercharged in error and have faced back-dated bills for thousands of pounds.

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