Monday, 8 August 2011

E.ON is insisting we pay for electricity stolen from us

E.ON is attempting to make us pay for electricity that has been stolen. We rent a flat over a coffee shop run by the landlord, who connected two commercial fridges to our electricity supply without our knowledge. We didn't notice for a year because our bills were all estimates.

When the meter was read it showed our energy use had spiked dramatically and E.ON sent an engineer to investigate. He found out what had happened and said we should switch off the landlord's supply immediately. But the landlord asked us to leave it on for the weekend as it was Friday and the fridges contained cafe stock. We agreed.

He took two weeks to fix this and we continued taking readings. We supplied these to E.ON and it compared them with our usage before the problem started and calculated how much the landlord owed. We have paid our share of the bill and the landlord has paid £350 but still owes £964. He has now left the shop, sold the lease and stopped returning our calls. We told the police. E.ON knows we did not use that electricity but says we are responsible for the £964 as our name is on the bill. We complained but were told we had until the end of July to pay. LW, Bedford

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