Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Environment Agency cuts CO2 and costs

The Environment Agency has cut its CO2 emissions by almost a fifth since 2006/07 as part of a wider reduction of its environmental footprint that has equated to a cost reduction of more than £6 million a year, it has announced today.

The Environment Agency has placed a strict target on itself to reduce CO2 emissions by 33 per cent by 2015 from 2006/07 levels, which places it at the forefront of the public sector’s sustainable operations programme. Today it has revealed it has reduced its carbon emissions by 17 per cent, making good progress towards that goal.

The organisation measures its environmental performance in five key areas: office waste, mileage, carbon dioxide, buildings’ energy and mains water. And it has achieved double-digit reductions in all five areas.

New figures in the Environment Agency’s first internal environment management update show that office waste was reduced by 18 per cent and mileage was reduced by a third – resulting in 19 million fewer miles per year.

Along with the 17 per cent reduction in emissions, the agency reported a 15 per cent reduction in its buildings’ energy use and an 18 per cent cut in the use of mains water.

On the back of its own improved performance, the Environment Agency has called on other large companies and public sector organisations to follow suit.

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