Monday, 18 July 2011

Energy firms plan dozens of new fossil-fuelled power stations

Dozens of new fossil-fuelled power stations are being planned by energy companies, triggering concerns among green campaigners of a new "dash for gas" that could crowd out wind and other cleaner energy projects, the Guardian can reveal.
Friends of the Earth is calling on MPs to block the government's prime energy policy statement, which comes before parliament on Monday amid a deluge of new planning applications or consents.

Some plans are already queuing up in the public planning system. Scottish Power wants to construct a 1.2GW station at Avonmouth, near Bristol, while RWE npower is building a 2GW gas plant at Pembroke, south Wales, and a 2.4GW station at Willington in Derbyshire. It is also looking at a smaller facility at Fawley, near Southampton. Smaller schemes include ones by Welsh Power, which wants to construct an 850MW plant at Fleetwood in Lancashire, and Trafford Peaking Power is developing one in Manchester.

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