Saturday, 9 July 2011

British Gas price rise: 'My advice is to choose a fixed rate now'

British Gas has today finally announced the price rises they have been speculating about for many weeks now. Their timing will be questioned by some but most people knew the rises were inevitable, it was just a case of when, and more importantly “how much”?

The 18pc rise to the cost of standard gas and the 16pc increase to standard electricity prices will add around £190 to the average cost of household’s annual bills. With 9 million residential accounts affected by this increase, UK consumers will collectively be £1.7bn worse off when the new pricing comes in to affect on August 18th 2011.

British Gas customers who are worried about being able to afford their bills once the increased rates kick in or those who already had concerns about their ability to keep up with their energy payments as we head towards the high usage winter months need to act now to get a better priced energy deal.

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