Friday, 20 May 2011

Sainsbury’s boss says store will not invest in on-site wind

The boss of Sainsbury’s said the supermarket chain will not invest in on-site wind turbines at any of its stores.
Justin King, chief executive of Sainsbury’s, said wind "was not part of the solution" for the retailer, which is investing millions in low carbon technologies at its stores up and down the country and claims to be the "greenest grocer".

"You won’t see any [wind turbines] at any of our stores in the UK," he said as he took part in a debate about 'growth without carbon’ organised by his company in London, yesterday. 

Dartmouth store

Sainsbury’s has in fact invested in on-site wind turbines at its first flagship eco store in Dartmouth, which opened in September 2008. However, King said the experiment has proved to the retailer that the technology was not right for the business. Instead the company is investing in a range of other green technologies, including biomass, geothermal and anaerobic digestion. 

"It is not windy enough where most of our shops are," said King. "It’s pretty windy offshore, but we don’t build our stores in the North Sea."

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