Thursday, 24 March 2011

Bglobal Half Hourly Smart Metering

Bglobal Metering has launched a Half Hourly (HH) smart metering  solution to accompany the existing Non-Half-Hourly (NHH) service it  currently provides. 

For the new service Bglobal Metering will operate  in the UK as an accredited Half Hourly Meter Operator, Data Collector,  and Data Aggregator, beginning March 31, 2011. Bglobal is the current NHH market leader in the UK.

For businesses that have a peak energy load at any time during the day of more than 100kWh, their electricity meter will be Half Hourly.  Energy Consumption Data is collected via the Smart Meter every half an  hour throughout the day, and sent back to the Bglobal Metering data  centre, via a sim-card built into the meter.

Customers will be  able to take advantage of the additional services that Bglobal provides,  including consumption analysis and reporting via WebAnalyser, and  ‘smart’ energy efficiency consultancy to provide greater savings and energy management.

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