Monday, 17 January 2011

Three Powerful Utility Bill Analysis Methods for the Energy Manager

Three Powerful Utility Bill Analysis Methods for the Energy Manager

Utility Bill Tracking systems are at the center of an effective energy
management program. However, some organizations spend time and money
putting together a utility bill tracking system and never reap any value.
This paper presents three utility bill analysis techniques which energy
managers can use to arrive at sound energy management
decisions and achieve cost savings.

Utility bill tracking and analysis is at the center of rigorous energy
management practice. Reliable energy management decisions can be made based
upon analysis from an effective utility bill tracking system. From your
utility bills you can determine:

- whether you are saving energy or increasing your consumption, - which buildings are using too much energy,
- whether your energy management efforts are succeeding, - whether there are utility billing or metering errors, and - when usage or metering anomalies occur (ie. when usage patterns change)

Any energy management program is incomplete if it does not track utility
bills. Equally, any energy management program is rendered less effective
when its utility tracking system is difficult to use or does not yield
valuable information. In either case, fruitful energy savings opportunities
are lost.

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