Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Wind Farms To Spring Up All Over Britain

Wind Farms To Spring Up All Over Britain

Wind Power a low cost green technology for the future - It is becoming ever
so clear that the Government is planning in relying mostly on wind power to
achieve its climate change bills commitment. By 2020, 15% of all energy
generated in Britain must come from renewables. As the windiest place in
Europe it is only logical that we rely on this type of renewable
energy resource.

New Wind Farms All Over Britain
The Government is subsidising a handful of projects that are working on
making eolic energy generation more efficient. Two of these projects have
caught our attention - Floating Wind Farms and the new generation of giant
wind turbines.

Floating wind farms have been discussed for quite a while now and the
progress in research made by companies like Statoil are making a viable
business opportunity for the near future.

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