Thursday, 18 November 2010

UK Gas Providers Might Lose Customers Due to Price Rises

Last week, on November 12th, UK-based comparison website Moneysupermarket
published its comments on the rises in gas and electricity prices in the

Customers of such companies as SSE and British Gas have already seen
significant increases in their bills, whereas customers of other companies
have not yet been "bitten" by cold winter changes.

Experts, however, believe that rates will be raised by all gas and
electricity providers: "with hikes from both SSE and British Gas I would
expect the other major providers to follow suit."

Mr. Byrom, energy manager at Moneysupermarket, is determined that UK
consumers should consider switching from the expensive providers to those,
who currently offer more or less attractive deals. This move is guaranteed
to help people gain more control over their bills and expenditures.

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