Wednesday, 3 November 2010

UK Gas Prices to Increase This Winter

Prices for gas in the UK firmed yesterday, on Tuesday November 2nd as the
weather became colder and demand from consumers increased. This fact also
coincided with a decrease in supply from Norway, which contributed to
further growth in gas prices.

As such, imports of gas from Norway fell to 60 million cubic meters per day
since the last lot was delivered on Friday, October 29th.

According to estimates, gas scheduled for delivery today, on November 3rd,
was priced at 45.8 pence per therm, which is 0.9 pence up.

A separate report suggests that UK consumers will face a 9.4% increase in
gas bills as Scottish & Southern Energy, one of the cheapest energy
suppliers in UK, plans to raise prices and its competitors are expected to
follow the suit. Those, who want to compare gas price
s, should know that approximately
£70 will be added to an average annual gas bill.

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