Monday, 15 November 2010

Is Facebook responsible for higher energy bills?

As a market leading energy broker
we have noticed that the current generation is more committed to discovering
and reducing its carbon footprint than ever before. But despite this
growing awareness and our need to conserve and reduce our energy
consumption, there is one thing that has changed our lifestyle, and
increased our energy consumption like nothing else we have ever seen before.
Facebook, the social networking site accounted for 1 in every 10 internet
visits in September - up 4% from the same month last year, now overtaking
popular search engines such as Google in the rankings.

Facebook And Rising Energy Prices
Astonishingly Facebook now attracts 55% of all visits to social networking
sites but others such as Twitter, Linkedin and Tumblr have seen visits at
least double in the last 12-months, a recent report suggested.

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