Friday, 12 November 2010

How to Cut Down on your Business Gas Bills

How to cut down on your business gas bills

Are you always surprised after seeing the amount charged on your business
gas bill and wonder what is it you're doing
wrong? Are you worried that despite being careful about not wasting energy,
you end up having to pay large bills? If so, here are some things you might
want to look into:

1) Do you have many old equipment at your business or office? Equipment and appliances weren't as energy efficient even a few decades ago
as they tend to be these days. Therefore, if you have one of those age-old
air conditioners, refrigerators, or washing machines, you might want to
consider replacing them with ones that are more energy efficient. Even
simple things such as an old battery in the cell phone or a laptop that
needs constant recharging could add to your expenses.

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