Monday, 22 November 2010

Gas and electricity bills hide internet savings

New energy statements are failing to make clear that some customers could
save hundreds of pounds on fuel bills. The statements, which will be
delivered to every UK home by the end of the year, will explain discounts
available on a customer's current tariff. But they will fail to detail the
savings that can be made by switching to an internet-based plan.

Figures show a difference of £239 between an online tariff and paying by
cheque when a bill arrives.

Suppliers have been told by the regulator Ofgem to start sending out annual
statements. They are intended to help consumers understand their energy use
and what it is costing them. They should include information such as the
name of a customer's tariff and a reminder that the customer can switch
provider, along with advice on how to do so.

They must also point out any discounts that apply to the tariff the customer
is on when compared with the same supplier's standard direct debit tariff.

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