Thursday, 28 October 2010

UK smart meter roll-out set to be most expensive in world

Smart meter deployment in the UK is set to be the most expensive in the
world, according to new research.
Business information service Datamonitor released a report today that said
the global smart metering market
for residential customers is set to reach £3.6 billion by 2015 - a 350 per
cent increase from 2009. But it said the roll-out of smart metering
deployment in the UK would in some case cost double what it would in other
territories. "The UK solution looks very expensive compared to, say, France where ERDF
expects to drive down the cost of its meters to £28-£30. The equivalent
figure for the UK's meters is around £57," said Jon Lane, energy director at

The higher costs are down to the sophisticated nature of the UK smart meter
system, according to Datamonitor. It said the roll-out would involve
multi-utilities with a central communications provider to collect and
provide metering data to market participants and a centralised procurement
programme to deliver economies of scale.

"All of this makes the UK's smart metering programme expensive. All-in costs
including gas meters were originally estimated at £136 per household but the
more recent decision to fit modular meters may push up the cost further,"
said Lane.

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