Monday, 18 October 2010

UK 'needs domestic wind energy industry'

The UK government should build a home-grown wind power industry if it wants
to meet EU targets on renewable energy, a report concludes.

The UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) says this would significantly bring
down the costs of offshore wind power.

The price of building offshore wind farms in has doubled in five years.

The report, Great Expectations, suggests that the UK can learn from
countries such as Spain that recently boosted their wind power industries. Analysts suggest that in order to meet its EU target of producing 15% of its
energy through renewables by 2020, the UK will need to have 15-20 gigawatts
(GW) of wind energy capacity installed offshore. Despite some recent developments such as the opening of the Thanet wind farm
off the north Kent coast - the biggest offshore wind farm in the world - the
UK's current total capacity offshore is just under 1.5GW.

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