Thursday, 23 September 2010

Carbon Management equals Commercial Opportunity

Carbon management becomes strategic business priority for the world's
largest global corporations says the 2010 Carbon Disclosure Project's 2010
Global 500 report

The Climate Week NYºC 2010 started on Monday and activities will go on till
Sunday the 26th of September. During the whole week business leaders,
government officials and NOG's representatives from around the world will
discuss key issues and explore solutions to ensure a cleaner, greener and
more prosperous future for us all.

Carbon Management equals Commercial Opportunity
This year's central theme is "Climate Innovation = Commercial Opportunity".
Celebrations started with an opening ceremony at the New York Public Library
that drew about 300 people. But the very first forum was held at the Bank
of America headquarters where the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) announced
the 2010 Global 500 report.

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