Tuesday, 31 August 2010

UK, Norway to collaborate on energy exchange

The UK and Norwegian governments have agreed to team up on a common energy
strategy including both conventional and alternative energy.

As per both the government's strategy, UK will serve as a key gas consumer
with Norway acting as a natural gas supplier, according to UPI.com.

Both the governments highlighted the importance of natural gas by saying
that it is a key component of energy security and further stated that they
will jointly work on ways to prepare for any emergency gas supply

commercial gas companies in the region are planning to set up offshore
storage facilities to hold natural gas.

The UK and Norwegian governments stressed that North Sea resources could
spawn growth in a green energy sector.

The joint statement also said that North Sea wind energy projects could
provide a cheap energy source through bilateral technology sharing.

UK government's regulator of natural gas and electricity, London's Office of
Gas and Electricity Markets, said that the region faces a gas crisis by


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