Monday, 23 August 2010

Only a Quarter of UK Firms Have Their Carbon Footprints on Control!

While the world is reeling under the possible impact of global warming, the British firms couldn’t care less. According to a study by the ICA (Institute of Chartered Accountants) in England have revealed that most firms (almost 3/4th of the lot) do not have a system in place to monitor their carbon footprints – or in plain words, the impact they are making on the environment.

According to an executive at the ICA, most of the firms do not think it is necessary or relevant to have such audits in place. However, they cannot be more mistaken. Only 26% of the finance directors and heads included in the audit were maintaining a regular tab on the greenhouse gas output of their respective firms.

This comes as a surprise to many, as new emission bills are about to be passed into laws, and older laws are already being executed into the norms. While most firms are not aware of the CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment energy efficiency scheme), they only have till September 30 to register with the same.

Around 5000 companies will be covered by the impending CRC survey, and those found guilty of being ignorant by choice will be punished. As for the Brit firms that are still oblivious of this fact, it is high time their chartered accountants, from London or abroad, notify them of the same.

Otherwise, the aim of improving total output by ignoring their carbon output will backfire – and do so with a LOUD bang!

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