Monday, 16 August 2010

Free LIME Energy Saving Plug Worth £19.99

Claim your free LIME energy saving plug today! As part of Government backed energy saving initiative, free energy saving plugs are available to those aged 70 or over, or those on a qualifying benefit.

Households in the UK now spend around 10% of their electricity bill on standby power, with the average household having up to 12 gadgets left on standby or charging at any one time (Source: Energy Saving Trust).

This intelligent plug provides total shutdown in one easy click via your remote control. Leaving items on standby wastes energy and money, so start thinking 'savings' not 'standby' with a free LIME energy saving plug.;_ylc=X3oDMTEwYmdvaGloBF9TAzIwMjM4Mjc1MjQEZW1haWxJZAMxMjgxNzQ5MjM2

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