Monday, 16 August 2010

The Environment Agency has been accused of leaving businesses open to further fines under a new 'green tax'

Earlier in the week the Daily Telegraph revealed that thousands of companies face fines of up to £45,000 for failing to register for the Carbon Reduction Commitment.

The new 'green tax' requires business over a certain size to start measuring their greenhouse gas emissions as the first step towards a new carbon trading scheme.

Ultimately those companies that cut the most carbon will be rewarded while those at the bottom of the league table will face financial penalties that could end up running up to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

But many smaller businesses are already struggling to submit accurate measurements of their energy use and where the fuel comes from.

Now the Environment Agency is telling companies they can register without having to accurately measure their 'carbon footprint' in an effort to make more firms sign up to the "difficult and disjointed" scheme.

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