Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Commercial LED Lights for Hospitals

Hospitals worldwide are investing in energy efficient lighting . Commercial LED lighting is the ideal solution for hospitals due to its excellent quaility of light and efficient use of energy.  Quality light without much heat  increases the comfort of patients and employees, reduces the use of mercury at the hospital, lowers air conditioning costs and results in an Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Tax Deduction (CBTD).

MRI facilities require nonferrous lights because of the magenetic fields from the equipment.  Although the tungsten filament of incandescent bulbs contains no iron, minute impurities are affected by the high intensity magnetic field of the MRI.  As a result, the life of a standard incandescent bulbs is drasticly  reduced. Fluorescent light are not suitable either because of the noise artifacts generated in scans.  LED lights are virtually unaffected by magnetic fields, produce excellent quality light and pay for themselves over their useful life.

Besides the characteristics mentioned above, LED lights are dimmable making them ideal for CT scan, ultrasound rooms and other places where adjustable lighting is needed.  Unlike fluorescent lights, LED bulbs and tubes reach their full brightness instantly. They can be dimmed with a dimmer or by turning off some of the lights.

LED bulbs and tubes are ideal for operating rooms. They deliver high quality light without high temperatures. The lights therefore make the surgeons work easier and are safer for the patient.  Body tissue can be seen in its natural colors.  Instead of a single point light source, LED light is produced by multiple points resulting in fewer shadows. The almost fail safe characteristics of LED lights eliminates most of the risk of losing a light during an operation.

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